Our Story

It all started when we (my wife and I) decided to study English in Irvine - California back in 2013. 
As a Brazilian young couple, everyday was a new adventure in and outside of class. The multicultural exchange was one of the best experience in my life; that we found a truly common ground which “we are all the same”. Whatever is origin, religion or color people are the same, and language is just one of a reat tool to make us closer. 
Inside these multicultural mix, we became a very close friend of some Saudi Arabian students. They are very generous, friendly and truly good heart people. On summer 2013, Abdullah (co-founder) invited us for a dinner at his house. As a tradition, he greeted us with couple types of dates, and the special coffee. We got so obsessed with the dates, that we couldn’t eat the dinner. Our Arabic friends made fun at us, about how addicted we became with their dates.
AHA! Moment  
I grow up EATING HEALTHY; my mother spent a lot time and energy for our food. So, I thought since most of deserts and/or snacks usually are not healthy, why don't we start dates business to improve people’s health life-style. So, then we started to research more about dates' information, like how different with some others out there. After researching and thinking about eating habits and healthy living, diets, nuts and fruits we decide to start this new venture. How can we spread our love for dates to the world this little and powerful fruit, that has this amazing caramel taste. 
After hang outs, coffees, surfing and yoga we decided to pursue our dream, live and study in the USA. Our friend and co-founder Abdullah head to Saudi Arabia, and met some local farmers, got more information about the dates cultivation, organic farms and practice that they have been using for centuries. 
We imported some samples to give away to our friends and local stores; their feedback was far way more than expected. They inspired us; we got confident to start our business. Abdullah and I created the Doux Dates concept, worked hard to make it happened, we set up our business on June 2016. 
We want to share this amazing date fruit with people from all of the world, because it’s good for everyone, even who is vegan or on gluten free diet, literally good for every single one. 
 We want to help everyone to be healthy, because I believe being healthy is the most important thing in the world. For most of people, it’s hard to stop eating snacks even, when they really want to be healthy or loose weight, from that point this dates can totally help those people to quit unhealthy snacks easily. 


Many Thanks,
Hope you enjoy the dates with caramel taste! 
Fernando Brandao


Abdulah has been inspiring us: 
“No one ever thought I would learn English ever. Came to them writing my name on my hand, hungry because I couldn’t order at airport. Now I say, the only thing standing between you and your goal is the tiviality story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”