Doux Dates

Our Product

The Doux Dates are sourced from the most premium centennial date palms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our thorough selection and commitment to quality are our guarantee to delivery of a fresh, healthy and luxurious product from the Holy Land to your table. The delicious Doux Dates are just one click away.

We know that our generation must take care of our planet with as much love as we do to our ancient date palm trees. That is why we choose to offer a product with zero-carbon footprint by offsetting it with the Forest Credits offered by Brasil Mata Viva. We are proud supporters of rural producers and protectors of the rainforests.




Spreading out from the Middle East, date palms were carried far and wide by traders and travelers, until today they grow in most areas whose climate is dry enough. Remains of dates have been found on a number of neolithic sites, particularly in Syria and Egypt. This means that they were being eaten by man as much as 7,000 to 8,000 years ago, although we have no proof that they were cultivated that early. In the third millennium B.C. Whether that first planting was in Medina or elsewhere, the date palm soon spread to the coasts of Africa, to Spain - where it is still grown in the east, a reminder of the period of Arab domination - and to western Asia. In northern India, however, it is said to have been introduced by the soldiers of Alexander the Great, who spat the stones from their date ration around the camp so that, in the course of time, palm groves grew up. This century the date was introduced into southern California, where is it still cultivated on a limited but productive.